Enverge Spray Foam outperforms alternative insulating materials for unmatched commercial building performance. No matter the project, Enverge Spray Foam has the solution for more sustainable building.

Here are a few common uses for Enverge Spray Foam in commercial buildings:

  • Metal Buildings
  • Medical / Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Institutional / Schools
  • Offices
  • Hospitality / Hotels
  • Government
  • Industrial / Factories

Formulated for Performance

Enverge Spray Foam insulation provides industry-leading products, delivering the highest level of energy efficiency for a wide range of commercial and industrial building designs.

As a high-performance polyurethane foam insulation, Enverge Spray Foam is formulated to meet and exceed building codes and performance requirements of commercial buildings.

Enverge closed cell spray foam insulation is field tested for use in both exterior and interior surface applications while Enverge open cell spray foam insulation products are optimal for interior applications. Both closed and open cell spray foam insulation can be used in multiple applications including educational, healthcare, retail, commercial, institutional, and military building projects. 


Enverge Spray Foam Benefits in Commercial Projects

Spray foam insulation is a highly efficient solution for commercial buildings, offering superior thermal insulation, air sealing to reduce energy loss, moisture control to prevent mold, and noise reduction. Its durability, adaptability to various surfaces, and ability to strengthen structures make it a versatile choice. Additionally, the eco-friendly formulations and long-term cost savings, driven by reduced heating and cooling costs, make it a smart investment to create a more comfortable, healthier indoor environment while lowering operational costs and HVAC system usage.

High R-Value 

Enverge Spray Foam has a high R-value per inch compared to other insulation types. It provides excellent thermal resistance, reducing heat transfer and maintaining stable indoor temperatures.

Customized Application 

Enverge Spray Foam can be sprayed or injected into areas of various shapes and sizes, conforming to irregular spaces, which can be challenging for other types of insulation.

Sound Dampening 

Spray foam can reduce noise transmission which can be crucial in commercial settings in need of a quiet, comfortable environment. Learn about our Enverge EasySeal and Enverge SucraSeal open cell spray foam.

Increased Structural Strength

Enverge Closed Cell Spray Foam reinforces the building structure, increasing the structural strength up to 300%! Learn about  Enverge OnePass and Enverge NexSeal closed cell spray foam products.


Unlike traditional fiberglass insulation, Enverge Spray Foam will last for decades without any significant degradation, sagging, or settling.  

Operational Cost Savings

While the upfront cost of spray foam insulation may be higher than other insulations, its energy-saving properties can deliver cost savings on monthly energy bills, which can pay back the investment over time.


Get in touch with an Enverge spray foam team member to find the right spray foam for your project.

Enverge spray foam being applied to an interior commercial wall